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I never thought I would be present for the birth of my newest neice, but here I am! I was at Sharla’s birth for Anna when I was pregnant with Adalia. (This was my first birth to see and I firmly instructed Adalia to stay right where she was and never come out after seeing Sharla that night). Then Sharla was with me for Indira’s birth two months ago. So it only seemed fitting that I should be here for this birth, but when we left a month ago, I couldn’t dream up any way of getting back here the first week of September. But here I am. This morning, Jon and Sharla called me in BKK to say they were headed to the hospital. I had a 3:00pm Drs appointment that afternoon, so I thought for sure I was going to miss her birth. But Sharla, poor woman, took her time. When I was boarding a flight at 6:30pm tonight, Sharla’s water had just broken and she was only dialated to 4 – time enough for me to get there yet! I couldn’t believe I might actually make it there for her birth after all! But it was not to be… While I was in flight, the newest little Rubesh, Isabelle Jane, made her appearance. I missed it by an hour! When we arrived at the hospital, the three of them were still in the labor room, GLOWING. Welcome little Isabelle. We can’t wait to get to know you.