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Indira has now been outside of me as long as she was inside. In the first nine months in, from start to finish, she grew to 20 billion times her initial size. In her nine months out, her entire body size is almost three times what it was at birth. Wild! Nine months out is such a turning point! When I came to America before Christmas, she was such a little baby and couldn’t even sit up alone yet, but now she is on the move and out to explore the world. She is ravenous in her appetite for exploration. She just started crawling this last week and already has a really strong little set of legs on her. She loves pulling herself up and even standing for moments without help. She tries so hard, even with her little legs shaking in some positions. If she successfully pulls herself up on some new unconquered object, she often looks around so proudly to see if anyone else noticed her major accomplishment…and I love the look I can get from her if I acknowledge it. This little girl gives me new eyes for life and fills me daily with so much joy.