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We noticed this video on YouTube from one of our guests last fall, Christian Trommsdorff. We asked him if he actually slept the night he spent on the ridge of Grosvenor. He said, “Oh yeah, I slept great. That just comes with experience.” I don’t speak French, but from this video it looks like he was also wearing a harness that night…which I’m sure was another aid in ensuring a good night’s sleep while perched on a ridge 5 feet wide with more than a thousand feet drop on either side of you. We actually really enjoyed meeting Christian. He was very genuine and we enjoyed hearing his stories of this climb when he first returned from his trip. All three of these mountains (Mt. Grosvenor 6376m, Mt. Edgar 6618m, and Mt. Gonga 7590m) can be reached from the hostel…so come for a visit someday!

Read the introduction to his trip, the International Sichuan Expedition 2010 from the Millet website.

Here’s our little Adi with our local trekking guide Patru, on a ridge overlooking Gonga Mountain, aspiring to be like Christian someday… (actually, she’s a little more into high heels than mountains at the moment).

Here are two more videos from another climber, Black Diamond athlete Kyle Dempster, who came at the same time and climbed the same two mountains: Grosvenor and Edgar.

BD athlete Kyle Dempster makes first ascent of Mount Edgar’s east face—PART ONE

BD athlete Kyle Dempster makes first ascent of Mount Edgar’s east face—PART TWO